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Harpers_Bazaar_Etoall 2Elin_Kling_Harpers Bazaar_Etoall_04_lowElin_Kling_Harpers Bazaar_Etoall_02_lowElin_Kling_Harpers Bazaar_Etoall_03_lowElin_Kling_Harpers Bazaar_Etoall_05_lowElin_Kling_Harpers Bazaar_Etoall_01_lowElin_Kling_Harpers Bazaar_Etoall_07_low

Shoot for Harper´s Bazaar with Elin Kling

Behind the scenes by Elins assistent Emilia

FELIN is an artist project developed by songwriter and artist Elin Blom together with creative director Fredrik Etoall. it’s not only a musical project but also an art project where one artist meets another. together we are FELIN.