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Icona Pop – I Am Icon

I am icon for Refinery 29
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Icona Pop - I am Icon

The documentary starring Icona Pop by Fredrik Etoall and Refinery 29

Fredrik Etoall, together with the help of Refinery 29, bring you into the lives of the two pop icons on their seven week long world tour with Katy Perry & Miley Cirus.


Trailer - The Journey Begins

In the two years since I Love It crashed onto the scene, Icona Pop has gone from playing the festival circuit to sold-out arena shows with bona fide starlets like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. Strap on your leather and hang tight: This is...I AM ICON.

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Episode 1 - Let's go

What happens in Vegas definitely doesn't stay in Vegas. Alright, maybe for some average Joe and Sue, but in Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo's world? What happens in Vegas will take them beyond their wildest dreams.

This first installment of I AM ICON is, rather appropriately, a warm-up, taking the band from one debaucherous night in Sin City, to Omaha, and on to Chicago. The stage is set, and the crowd (one that's grown exponentially over the past year) is waiting. The professional pop star's life is more than just glitter, glamour, and fame. It's whiskey voice, tour families, and lack of S.O.s because, really, who needs romance when you have fans?

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Episode 2 - Me And My Girlfriend

For many, working — let alone living — with your best friend is a recipe for disaster. For Caroline and Aino of Icona Pop, however, it's a blessing and a collaborative dream.

Last week, Aino proudly proclaimed: "Fuck guys. We have fans." But, this week's I AM ICONepisode is all about the BFF. Since 2008, Caroline and Aino have stuck together through dropped singles, terrible breakups, and many a late night/early morning. Call it what you will (fate, destiny, coincidence), but there's no denying the unique spark that's buzzing between them. It's rare. It's infectious. It's something to be coveted.

There are three big F's in this world: friends, fame, and failure. By Icona Pop's standards, if you have the first, you never have to worry about the other two.

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Episode 3 - Trouble On The Road

The lifestyle of a pop group is not all glitter, gold, and extensive tour riders. Sure, there are some artists who require $900 titanium straws so they can drink alkaline water, chilled to 21 degrees (ahem, Beyoncé). But, that's at the furthest end of the spectrum. What goes on behind the scenes at a concert can be dramatic and, in some cases, life-threatening.

Take what happens to Icona Pop in this week's installment of I AM ICON, for example. The girls are headlining Mexico City's Electric Planet festival, and nothing goes smoothly. The sound system is subpar, the DJ's foot goes through the floor, not to mention there's a massive language barrier between Icona's team and the festival organizers. No matter. The sign of a true performer is their ability to leave the drama backstage and deliver the best show possible, because, at the end of the day, it's about the fans. And, the enthusiasm of the concertgoers in Mexico City puts the rest of the world to shame.

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Episode 4 - Just Another Night

It's tough to be in Icona Pop. Sure, the parties are a blast, and the love from fans is incomparable, but the time for personal life and romance — you know, the stuff that actually inspires songs — is rare.

This week, we're getting deep and talking L-O-V-E. The business of being Icona Pop leaves little time for it. When these gals do take the leap, though, they're in for one hell of a ride. It takes a special kind of confidence to do and live like these women, but it's this way of life that makes whatever Icona Pop does completely genuine. And, this way of life results in music that captures the entire spectrum of human emotion: love, wrath, fear, sadness, elation. The girls will be the first to tell you that it's exhausting. But, nothing this promising — be it music, work, or love — ever comes easy.

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Episode 5 - Get Lost

The life of a gypsy is both romantic and alluring. Imagine not being tied down to any one place, free to come and go wherever and whenever you please. It's just you, the horizon, and your dreams.

Icona Pop's tour has brought Caroline and Aino to dozens of cities and in contact with countless fans. To say it can all become a blur would be an understatement. But, as Caroline confesses in this week's episode of I AM ICON, they've completely embraced the freedom of life on tour. That's the beauty of this nomadic adventure, though. The risk of monotony is slim. And, hey, that means the world is yours for the taking.

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Episode 6 - Party All Night

Who says girls can't deejay? Well, apparently other DJs. Even when you're a chart-topping artist like Icona Pop, Caroline and Aino still get talked down to before sets. Shocked? Kind of — until the duo takes the stage with world renowned DJ Tiësto in Miami. Now, tell us, girls can't deejay?

With one episode of our seven-part series left, it's time to turn up. This week, there ain't no theme but partying. Well, breast shirts and partying. But, those go hand in hand, no? Maybe? Anything goes when down in the Magic City. Welcome to Miami, b*tch!

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Episode 7 - We Got The World

Well, folks, the proverbial sun is setting over our seven-week-long party with Icona Pop. But, before the hangover kicks in, let's throw one final banger to really bring it home.

Queue New York City and Miley Cyrus. Those two entities are wild enough on their own, but together they're a force of nature. And, when Icona Pop joins the mix, well, you better be ready for a late night/very early morning.

It's been one helluvah ride, but then again, the pop star life isn't all glitz and glamour. Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo face the daily grind like anyone else — sometimes grinding well into the early hours of the morning. Their office just so happens to be the stage, and their work attire is shinier than your typical power suit. But, they know how to let it all hang out when the time's right.

Work hard, play harder. Once you've mastered that motto, the world is yours for the taking.

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