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Rumble, young man rumble!




NYC_2012_Sept 10072_etoall_low

NYC_2012_Sept 10094_etoall_low

NYC_2012_Sept 10111_etoall_low

NYC_2012_Sept 10052_etoall_low

NYC_2012_Sept 10041_etoall_low

NYC_2012_Sept 10121_etoall_low

NYC_2012_Sept 10035_etoall_low

NYC_2012_Sept 10102_etoall_low

NYC_2012_Sept 10109_etoall_low

NYC_2012_Sept 10129_etoall_low

NYC_2012_Sept 10076_etoall_low


Pics by me

★ New York City || Underground Boxing Club 

FELIN is an artist project developed by songwriter and artist Elin Blom together with creative director Fredrik Etoall. it’s not only a musical project but also an art project where one artist meets another. together we are FELIN.