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SEDUCTIVE CIRCUS Stylein’s Fall/Winter collection 2012, Seductive Circus, is an act of seduction. Inspiration derives from the old circus and its beautiful world, where the circus director’s tailored straight lines get a chance to meet the princesses’ sensualism. The spotlight has pointed its beam and all eyes are drawn to the circus ring, as the main attraction is flooded with light. She takes her position and enjoys the intense expectations of the crowd. Without hesitation, she let the ruby red silk attract the attention to her bare back while the sparkling stones reflect in the light. The night outside is dark and dull, but under the circus tent, playful magic is taking place, as the princess takes on the director’s attributes – she borrows his tailcoat and the collar of his shirt, and both characters play together without a safety net. By benchmarking the constant travelling circus, Stylein introduces a luxurious collection of bags. Solid materials, such as suede and beautiful leather, set the tone for the series, which can be used at night, just as well as during the weekend. Important focus has also been put on outer wear in wool and shiny silk dresses, combined with soft knits in elegant silhouettes. The collection’s materials breathe of pleasure and enjoyment, for the eyes as well as the skin. Dramatic lengths and exclusive drapes distinguish the collection. Stylein is proud to present Seductive Circus, its 20th collection, aiming to seduce more than ever. The collection’s separate parts, just as circus artists, beautifully stand alone, but together they complete each other – the boundary between imagination and reality, masculine and feminine, accessible and unreachable. Stylein cannot be captured or re-created. She must be experienced.

Text by Not Just A Label



FELIN is an artist project developed by songwriter and artist Elin Blom together with creative director Fredrik Etoall. it’s not only a musical project but also an art project where one artist meets another. together we are FELIN.